Verschiebung des Releasetermins für COYOTE

Hallöchen, Wir freuen uns euch mitteilen zu können, dass wir den Releasetermin für COYOTE auf unbestimmte Zeit verschieben werden. "Warum freuen die sich da?", fragt ihr euch vielleicht. Weil wir ein tolles Luxusproblem haben. Die Anzahl d… Read full post
 - 11/10/2021

Coyote devlog #4 the Poznań Game Arena

The decision to go to a trade fair would have been harder for us as a young indie studio if it hadn't been for the PGA. It was affordable (although all in all it cost us quite some money), the journey wasn't far and when André Bernhard aka "The Indi… Read full post
 - 11/03/2021

COYOTE devlog #3

The past two weeks have been wild ones thats for sure. As our Project Manager Zenker packed his things for his very certainly earned holidays we, who have been left, needed to get our things together by ourselves. The PGA is ahead, our first fair … Read full post
 - 10/15/2021

COYOTE devlog #2


Last week we completed all main features for our Audio Manager. It's not a performance dangerous area of the game, so we did it completely in GDScript. Godot has a nice audio mixer so we used that and only wrote some code to make it easier for us to interact with Godot's systems. COYOTE has 4 main areas we use audio in:

  • Normal sound effects. Those get prioritized, so sounds of agents attacking the player will be louder than gameplay unrelated sounds.
  • Round robin sound effects. A script layer that chooses different sounds automatically, so they don't sound too repetitive.
  • Soundtrack themes. Mainly used in cutscenes and when talking to the "gods" of a species in the soulworld. Each species has it's own theme
  • Ecosystem feedback layers. Each species is one instrument in a song. When the player is in the soulworld (and no sountrack theme is playing) we mix the volume of each instrument depending on how dominant the species is in the ecosystem. The idea is that the soundtrack gives the player a (sub-)conscious feedback about the state of the system.
 - 08/25/2021

COYOTE devlog #1

AND it´s our first devlog eeEEEeEEvVVEVEVREEERRRR!!!! Yeha! Hi Howdy, Do you know what we are creating here? Till Q1 2022 we will releasing Coyote – a tactical adventure game where you play a kid which gets superpowers to communicate with a … Read full post
 - 08/25/2021


Gamestudio aus Leipzig


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